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Seeing that Energy Saving and stable electrical supply is the most important aspect in life from home to the work places and environment, Solar Orbit was established with intentions to provide energy saving and convenience through Solar PV, LED Lighting, Battery Technologies and Metering, This all comes back to costs saving. Solar Orbit is also involved on researches and technology to Make energy saving easier with high quality standard. The management is involved in the company’s daily basis operations and skilled/qualified employees are employed. This makes the company to be more valuable and rewarding to its investors and customer satisfaction.


Solar Orbit is a Renewable Energy , it also does Engineering researches and Technology Development to make life easier in the Country, Solar Orbit is currently doing Installation and Maintenance in Solar PV Plants and Electrical Construction for Domestic, Commercial and Industrial


To be a profitable brand that offers quality services to the entire region, to be a leader in the industry and give clients services that add value to their lives and to be an active participant in the growth and development of the community.


Solar Orbit is very clear as it lies on SA and its municipality (and any other institutions) which will be guided by the following:

  • Maintaining the company’s reputation.
  • Taking a very good quality care of our clients.
  • Placing competitive prices.
  • Employing the most qualified and knowledgeable people.
  • Providing excellent services to companies in need.
  • Working flexible hours.
  • Knowing the client’s needs.
  • Being passionate on what we do.
  • Understanding our line of business.


The company is an emerging business which is passionate, self-driven and aspired to make a change in the business world, thus targeting the following market:

  • Private companies/institutions
  • Government institution
  • Individuals
  • Para status