We offer a range of integrated solutions  that can reduce energy costs, improve efficiency, reduce CO2 emissions and even generate free electricity

All Include the following:

  • Solar PV Installation and Maintenance for Residential and Commercial
  • Solar PV Plant Maintenance and Cleaning of solar panels
  • Roof top Solar PV installation
  • Ground mount Solar PV installation
  • Carport solar PV installations
  • Grid tied and off grid systems Installations
  • DC string testing and certification
  • String and Micro inverter installations
  • Installation and termination of DC cables
  • Installation and termination of AC cables
  • Installation and termination of PVDBs
  • Installation and termination of Tie-in breakers and links
  • KWH Meter Installations and programming
  • Current transformer installations and wiring to the meters
  • Data Logger Installation and monitoring
  • Battery Installation and Maintenance
  • COMMS Installation
  • Commissioning and solar PV plant monitoring system setup.
  • Technical and General maintenance of Solar PV plants
  • Cleaning of solar panels on Solar PV plant
  • Issuing Certificate of Compliance (COC)

General Electrical Solution: 

  • New electrical installation and Maintenance for single phase and three phase power
  • Domestic, Commercial, Industrial and Mining Electrical Construction
  • Generators Supply and Installation
  • Solar systems supply and Installation
  • Installation of electric fencing and maintenance
  • Electric Gates, Garage doors and Electric Boom Gate
  • Issuing Certificate of Compliance (COC)


  • Running network cables and Installation of network points
  • Installation of new network points and telephone points
  • installation of satellite dishes and Wi-Fi system in the properties


  • Freeing your time to concentrate on other projects.
  • Our duties are performed by qualified and skilled people.
  • You get to negotiate on your payment arrangement.
  • You get the job done on time and effectively.
  • Call outs at any time.
  • Treating emergency as high priority.
  • Saving on your budget.